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Spells Expander

Progress log

*Beta 1.0.0 released 07/18/02
*Beta 1.0.1 released 07/21/02
*Beta 1.0.2 released 07/25/02
*Beta 1.0.3 released 07/29/02
*Beta 1.0.4 released 08/25/02
*Beta 1.0.5 released 08/30/02
*Beta 1.0.6 released 09/06/02
*Beta 1.0.7 released 09/10/02
*Beta 1.0.8 released 09/12/02
*Beta 1.0.9 released 09/15/02
*FC1 released 09/17/02
*FC2 released 09/17/02
*FC3 released 09/18/02
*FC4 released 09/21/02
*FC5 released 09/22/02
*gm sent to testers 09/23/02
*Spells Expander released!

System Requirements

PoG 1.0.2 or higher
Trinity Plug-in
Mac or Windows

Pillars of Garendall
Trinity plug-in
Ambrosia Software

Spells expander is a plug-in for Pillars of Garendall that adds several quests, spells, and items, primarily for the Conjuror class. There is a small quest that rangers can accomplish, and a slightly more involved quest for the swordsman, but the majority of the plug-in has been written for conjurors. It has been written to be an addition to the Trinity plug-in, meaning that you must not only have PoG, but Trinity as well to utilize this plug-in. It has been written for all levels of conjurors, from those just starting out to those that have already beaten the game.


  • Adds 25 new spells from spell levels 1-6
  • Adds several spell or item oriented quests
  • Adds 4 new locations to the world
  • Adds new items for the conjuror, swordsman, and ranger classes

Beginning the Adventure:

Find the new shop in Fantrima and speak to the mage who runs it. He will try to sell you some new tomes and urge you to go to the Mage's Tower where everything really begins...

The spellbook listing two of the new 5th level spells

Me and my shadow(s)...

A new location within the Tower of the Magi

A movie of the magic mirror spell | |
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